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Casey Gerry Schenk Francavilla Blatt & Penfield LLP -

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Casey Gerry is one of the premier personal injury law firms in the United States. Casey Gerry has worked to help recover hundreds of millions of dollars for families and individuals who have suffered READ MORE

Deborah Ann Wolfe

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San Diego's leading law firm for plaintiff's legal and medical malpractice. * Legal Malpractice * Medical Malpractice * Trial Coaching * Consultant and Expert Witness Services * Civil appeals and READ MORE

Don Gale Rushing

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Practice Areas * Antitrust & Competition Law * Bankruptcy and Restructuring * Capital Markets * Cleantech * Communications & Media Law * Corporate * Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation READ MORE

David Daniel Miller

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David D Miller & Associates 707 Broadway #1800 San Diego CA 92101-5314 Tel: 619 685-0077 Fax: 619 685-0011 E-mail: ddm@ddmassociates.com READ MORE

Mitchell Lee Lathrop

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PRACTICE AREAS * Antitrust and Federal Regulation * Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Commercial Law * Communications * Consulting Services * Corporate * Education * Employment, Labor and Benefits READ MORE

Rocky Kent Copley

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PRACTICE AREAS * Auto, Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents * Insurance Coverage Disputes * Wrongful Termination * Sexual Harassment * Injuries Caused by Products * Medical Malpractice * Legal Malp READ MORE

Joseph James Barr Jr

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Joseph J Barr Jr 501 W Broadway #2080 San Diego CA 92101 Tel: 619 235-0444 Fax: 619 235-0650 E-mail: jbarr@jbarrlaw.com READ MORE

Richard James Annen

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SPARBER RUDOLPH ANNEN specializes in the following practice areas: * Bankruptcy * Loan Modification * Mortgage Relief * Foreclosure * Business * Real Estate * Litigation * Trusts & Estates * READ MORE
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