Bridget M Young
Samuelsen, Gonzalez, Valenzuela & Brown has been representing employers, third party claims administrators, and their insurance companies for more than forty five years, specializing in the defense of claims brought pursuant to the California Labor Code for on the job injuries and industrial diseases of all types, including asbestosis claims. The firm also handles the defense of claims brought against employers under Labor Code 132(a), as well as for Serious & Willful Misconduct under Labor Code 4553.

In addition, the firm handles civil subrogation claims pursuant to Labor Code 3852, in Superior Courts of many counties throughout Southern California. Handling of subrogation claims includes coordination of the employer’s credit and reimbursement rights with defense of the underlying compensation cases, in a global approach to claims in which third party liability caused the industrial injury.

Samuelsen, Gonzalez, Valenzuela & Brown also has a long history of involvement with maritime related claims under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, before the United States Department of Labor, Office of Administrative Law Judges. That practice encompasses defense of employers in compensation cases under federal Longshore & Harbor law, as well as its several extensions including the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act, the Defense Base Act, and the Non Appropriated Funds Act. The firm is uniquely qualified in handling matters involving concurrent jurisdiction between federal Longshore & Harbor law and the California Labor Code, which requires intimate knowledge of the substantive and procedural intricacies of both forums and how they inter-relate. The firm’s practice also includes handling of subrogation claims under Longshore & Harbor jurisdiction, including maritime claims aboard vessels under 905(b) of the Longshore Act.

The firm also handles claims against homeowners and their insurance companies with respect to injury claims brought by persons performing work on the homeowner’s premises. In addition, the firm handles various civil matters for employers and insurance carriers.

For more than forty five years, the defense firm of SAMUELSEN, GONZALEZ, VALENZUELA & BROWN, LLP has provided employers, claims administrators, and insurance carriers with quality legal services in the area of Workers' Compensation. The firm also handles a variety of ancillary matters on behalf of employers and carriers, such as civil matters including third party subrogation claims, defense of employment claims against homeowners, as well as defense of claims related to serious & willful misconduct and discrimination under Labor Code 132(a).

Our firm specializes in providing representation before the California Workers' Compensation Appeals Board, and before the U.S. Departmant of Labor under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, including its extensions such as the Defense Base Act and Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act.

Bridget M Young
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