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Working Exclusive With Family Law Matters

At Divorce Options - Alternatives to Litigation, we work exclusively in family law matters through mediation, collaboration or consultation. We work to find creative alternatives to the traditional adversarial manner of litigating family law matters, and find that the result tends to be more positive, more appropriate to our client's life and resolved faster.

We can work with you to help you negotiate a reasonable settlement for your divorce.

California Dissolution of Marriage - An Overview

The breakdown of a marriage is likely one of the most stressful times in a person's life, and divorce is a daunting task to undertake alone. An attorney experienced in California family law can guide you, professionally yet compassionately, through this often-difficult time. If you are contemplating dissolution of marriage, call an attorney today.

* Division of Property
California is a community property state. California defines community property as all that property, both real and personal, which a married person living in the state acquires during the marriage. This includes property that is located outside the state as well as within the state. With the exception of separate property, no matter how property is titled, and, in the case of income, no matter who earned it, if it is acquired during the marriage it is considered part of the marital community estate. Upon dissolution of the marriage, community property, absent an agreement between the parties, is divided equally between them. However, an absolute equal division of each asset would not be possible or even reasonable in many cases. For example, to achieve an equal division of every asset would require sale of each asset and division of the proceeds. For many families, forcing sale of the family residence at the time of the dissolution can cause disruption to the family and result in even more inequity than awarding the residence to one spouse while awarding another asset of equal value to the other spouse. As a result, valuation of properties may become one of the major points of dispute between parties.

* Domestic Violence and Child Custody
Even though California is a no-fault state for dissolution of marriage, evidence of domestic violence in a marriage can play a major role in decisions regarding the children of the parties.

* Spousal Support
In California, married persons have a right and an obligation to support each other during their marriage. Depending upon numerous factors taken into consideration by a court in a dissolution case, this obligation may extend beyond the marriage.

* Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in California Dissolution Cases
In California, parties wishing to lessen conflict and work toward more win-win solutions to their disputes can take advantage of many modes of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including, in the larger counties, conciliation court (in larger counties), mediation, and collaborative law.

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