Daniel Anthony Lawton
Over the nearly twenty years Dan Lawton has practiced, his caseload has included cases involving:
* unfair competition
* defamation
* business torts (such as trade libel and intentional interference with contractual relations)
* below-cost pricing
* wage-and-hour laws
* federal and state antifraud laws
* shareholder derivative actions
* real estate-related litigation
* the California Subdivision Map Act
* savings and loan-related litigation
* insurance bad faith
* officer and director liability
* the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act
* anti-SLAPP litigation
* patent infringement
* theft of trade secrets
* partnership dissolutions
* surety and antideficiency law
* product liability
* breach of contract
* negligence
* First Amendment
* governmental liability under the federal Administrative Procedure Act and federal and California Tort Claims Acts and 42 U.S.C. section 1983
* race and sex discrimination
* the Unruh Civil Rights Act
* immigration issues
* the U.C. fertility clinic scandal
* wrongful termination
* stock option disputes
* professional fee disputes
* professional sports-related matters
* the Miller-Ayala Athlete Agents Act
* civil contempt
* legal and accounting malpractice
* and other topics

We are attorneys and counselors dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals inside and outside of the trial and appeals courts. We accomplish big things through the perfection of minor details. For us, preparation is the prize. We fear no opponent; we respect every opponent. We fight hard for you, but we practice civility in dealing with our adversaries. We believe in mastering the complex and making it simple for your audience, be it a judge, jury, or appellate panel. In counseling our polestars are listening, wisdom, compassion, and alertness to your goals. In high-stakes litigation we practice a total team approach, creating case-specific teams of professionals (lawyers and others) who, together, can take on and overcome large and determined opposition.

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