Dawn Marie Dell'Acqua
* Divorce and other Family Law concerns
The dissolution of a marriage (divorce) is often the most difficult event in an adult's life. Our legal team will coach you through the process and explain your options as well as offer guidance, but leave the decision-making up to you.

* Estate planning
Do you have a will? Have you determined ways to protect your assets? We can help you plan and organize for the disposition of your assets, as well as ensure your medical care options are clear to you and your family.

* Experience
With nearly 10 years of practice in Family Law, the Law Office of Dawn Dell'Acqua is committed to providing you with the experience and professionalism of a large firm and the personal attention and care of a smaller firm. We know that it is important to you to keep your legal costs as low as possible while getting the level of representation your legal matter requires. Our billing structure is based on that concern.

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