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Leading San Diego DUI attorney G. Cole Casey is one of the premier advocates for drunk driving defense in California. His exclusive focus is on defending and winning DUI and Drunk Driving related cases.

Attorney Casey is a well-known authority on DUI law, and a frequent guest speaker and instructor on effective DUI Jury Trial strategies and defenses.

A designated DUI Specialist by the California DUI Lawyers Association, Casey is also the only San Diego attorney to hold a seat on the Board of Directors for the CDLA, a position attainable only by a unanimous vote. (The California DUI Lawyers Association is the oldest Drunk Driving Defense Bar Association in the United States).

Attorney Casey is also the California State Delegate for the authoritative National College of DUI Defense. Only one DUI attorney in each state is assigned this distinction. Attorney Casey is also the Head State Delegate of NCDD, governing all Delegates of other states, as well as a Sustaining Member and graduate of nine Annual NCDD Sessions at Harvard University.

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