Judith K Gregorie
Certified Family Law Specialist

Judith K. Gregorie, Attorney at Law, is licensed by the Supreme Court of California in family law.

She's especially experienced in the areas of law that affect families most:
* Family Law
* Adoption
* Divorce
* Custody

Judith K Gregorie
Gregorie & Gregorie
314 S Melrose Dr #111
Vista CA 92081
Tel: 760 941-2310
Fax: 760 945-9201
E-mail: gregorie@pacbell.net
John Doe says: 2011-01-13 17:56:46
After my free consultation, Judith made me feel protected and nothing to worry about in my divorce. However, once she received my retainer of $2500.00 everything went south. All the upbeat information she conveyed to me in my intitial consultation seemed to be false and misleading. A true Sales person!

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