Kathrin Susan Mautino
Robert Mautino and Kathrin Mautino (father and daughter) worked independently as immigration attorneys before forming Mautino & Mautino in 1994. We are United States immigration, citizenship and nationality law specialists. We practice only in these areas of law, and are leaders in the field. The following are some of the services we offer:

1. Citizenship and Nationality
We assist individuals applying for United States citizenship, or seeking to establish United States citizenship based upon the United States citizenship or residence of their ancestors.

2. Permanent Residence Status (Green Card)
We assist individuals applying for permanent residence status in the United States, based upon a petition filed by an employer, or based upon a petition filed by a relative.

3. Temporary Status
We assist individuals applying for temporary (nonimmigrant) status in the United States. Examples of such temporary status are: visitors for business; visitors for pleasure; skilled workers; treaty traders and treaty investors; students; exchange visitors; spouses and fiancées of United States Citizens; aliens of extraordinary ability, athletes; entertainment groups; artists; and religious workers.

4. Deportation, and Removal and Exclusion
We advise individuals who have been excluded from the United States, and represent and advise individuals involved in deportation and removal proceedings in the Immigration Courts.

5. Asylum
We advise individuals claiming asylum in the United States.

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