Leon Jeffrey Snaid
A San Diego Immigration and Business Law Firm

For 25 years, we have successfully represented multi-national corporations, investors, people of extraordinary ability, professionals, skilled workers, religious workers, athletes, spouses, and other family members in the field of Immigration Law.

The reason for our high success rate is that we will not take on a case, unless we believe we can help our client. Our reputation for success and fair dealing is far too important to us to ruin by charging fees for impossible cases that have no chance. In complex cases, we explain the challenges in the case so that our client understands the issues and risks before we start the case.

We no longer practice in the area of deportation, vehicle seizure, and political asylum. We prefer to specialize and be among the best at obtaining permanent residence (green cards), visas and citizenship for our clients.

In the area of Business Law we incorporate corporations, form partnerships, and negotiate and prepare contracts for international and domestic business.

After representing thousands of clients from all over the world, we understand that the characteristics and qualities that people want in a lawyer are caring, knowledge, experience, and determination.

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