Marc Xavier Carlos
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The Law Offices of Bardsley & Carlos, L.L.P., prides itself in the aggressive and expert representation of individuals charged with serious crimes. It is our belief that competent representation requires experience, reputation, and professionalism on the part of the attorney. A proven track record of serious felony trials and litigation in the most serious of cases establishes a superior bargaining position and a more leveled playing field in the event of trial. The firm also emphasizes maintaining the highest level of professional ethics and integrity in order to ensure that individual defendants and corporate entities are treated fairly by prosecuting agencies at the state and federal levels.

Nothing can substitute for experience at the highest levels of criminal practice. In that regard, a brief description of the nature of our practice is presented here to illustrate the level of experience and abilities of the attorneys. It is important to understand that this level of experience and professional expertise carries over to all levels of criminal cases.

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