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E says: 2009-11-18 15:04:09

I never imagined I''d be charged over ten thousand dollars, seven of which after informing an legal professional in writing that in light of nothing having been accomplished, Id like an accurate estimate of charges and what I could expect to see for those charges.

the response was to bill for reading the letter! fancy that, and to then continue to charge for services not requested, and specificaly instructed not to do.

This Legal professional even retined another firm to represent him in collecting fees he illegaly charged, and selectively omitted the letter from the file.

This had been an ongoing problem for ten years, that this man failed to understand he was summarily fired for doing what he continued to do. Charge for a servie he failed to provide.

Leave your money here, and in my experience you might as well lable it a gift on your taxes.

good luck if you do.

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