Robert Elwood Henry Potter
Workers' Compensation Defense & Employment Law Services

The firm's focus is Workers' Compensation defense litigation. We have a staff of very experienced attorneys, all of whom practice Workers' Compensation, including straight defense and the associated issues of subrogation, serious and willful, and 132a claims. Additionally, the firm offers assistance to employers on the complicated problems of employment law, especially in connection with Workers' Compensation claims.

Philosophically, the firm takes an aggressive approach to defending claims. We seek to determine quickly the merit of each case. With an eye to the bottom line, our goal is to close files quickly, but always considering that our clients deserve fair treatment in each case. Suspected fraudulent or exaggerated cases require a firm and resolute defense.

We strive to achieve a team approach to handling files. When the claims professional, the employer, and the defense attorney work together, a better defense is the expected result.

Legal offices for Dietz, Gilmor & Associates are strategically located in San Diego, the Inland Empire (Ontario), Los Angeles and San Francisco to serve the entire state of California.

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